Thursday, April 19, 2012

Selfless, OCD Mom

Sally loves to cut with scissors at ECFE, so I thought it was time to buy her a pair of her own.  She sat at the table and cut for 30  minutes straight...causing a rather large mess of little pieces of paper.

She was happy to help clean them up when it was time to be done.

This was 5 minutes in
I guess there could be worse messes. 

**I once saw something that said "Whoever came up with OCD, obviously didn't have OCD or they would have named it CDO {alphabetized letters!}


  1. That is probably why God enabled some wise person to invent the vacuum machine. Awesome restraint, momma~ :)

  2. I started to text you this morning an OCD cleaning question, but deleted it because I sounded like a nutcase. haha. I'm not good at letting my kids do art projects and I cringe when Jack asks to cut paper.