Tuesday, March 6, 2012


The front door is open to let the sun shine in and warm the house.

I cracked a window to let out the winter stale air. 

We went for a walk.  I left the stroller out so we can go for a second walk after nap.

Libby was wide eyed the entire ride and Sally was talking as if someone put a quarter in her. 

Spring is coming! 

We Spring ahead this weekend.  Only as a parent of small children do you appreciate losing an hour...that means they will sleep in later...fingers crossed :)

Sally is hoping to do this later with her Daddy

This was from a little over a week ago

It took her five minutes to get from the first picture to the spot in this picture :) Slow and steady wins the race

Tonight, we'll remember to thank Jesus for the beautiful day during our prayers!
 Go outside, tilt your face toward the sun. Stay like that for five minutes.  The rest of your day will be wonderful because of it!

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