Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Big Girl Bumbo Chair

She's getting bigger and bigger every day!

Are you serious Mom, I can sit in her?
 The nice thing about #2 is that you aren't wishing for the next stage, to see what that's like.  We can take it nice and slowly and enjoy each day, knowing what will come next.
 Knowing, that it will come on it's own and not to rush it or hope for it too soon.

 Because, before you know it, they'll be turning 3, playing by themselves and getting ready for pre-school!

 Amazing how the weather can have such an effect on people's mood.  Crazy how fast our day felt yesterday when our play area was extended beyond the walls of our cozy little home.

Happy Birthday Jenny! We love you!

**Congratulations Uncle Joey on getting a job! We're so proud of you!
Not sure who's more excited, you, or Grandma Peggy? :)

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