Friday, March 16, 2012

3 months

Little Lady is 3 months today! 

We would have thought you were crazy had you told us we'd be spending the entire day outside when she turns 3 months.  Upper 70's today, are you kidding me?  We'll take it!

Libby gets happier and happier every day.  I think it's because she's finally figured out the napping thing :)

Last night she slept from 8pm-5am and then 5:15am-8:15am.  She's a rockstar!

She usually naps 2-4 times throughout the day, usually totalling 4-5 hours.

She recognizes her Mommy, Daddy and sister and loves to talk and smile at us. 

She's become very laid back and willing to hang out wherever.

She's taken a liking to the Bjorn on these nice days when I'm chasing her big sister.

She always has her fingers/fist in her mouth.  Sophie the Giraffe has become her best friend {Thank you Christensen's!}

She thinks she's pretty cool stuff when she gets to join us at the dinner table in her Bumbo chair.

Libby enjoys talking and swatting at her friends dangling from her bouncy seat.

Thank you Miss Libby Jo for bringing us so much love these past 3 months.  We love watching you grow each and every day!

It's a happy place around here, as Daddy's back!

Happy Weekending!

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