Friday, March 2, 2012

She Said Yes!

Another one of the besties got engaged last night! She is so deserving of this wonderful surprise her now, Fiance, organized.

He took her to dinner where they had their first date and then came back home to a fire burning in the fireplace, candles lit throughout the living room and a bottle of Champagne.  Jenny thought something was burning when she walked in the door so she quickly threw off her coat and ran in, only to find the set up. She then started crying and Michael asked her to sit down, where he said really nice things, that she can't remember because all Jenny could think was, "oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh, is this really happening?"  She cried and said yes.  After a few moments Michael encouraged Jenny to call her sister to share the good news.  Little did Jenny know, her surprise was not over yet.

The phone call to her sister was our cue {a group of their closest friends hanging out in the neighbor's basement} to head over to their house to surprise and congratulate them.  Jenny was floored!

It was a perfect proposal for Jenny, one that she said was worth the wait.  Jenny is the last of our group to get engaged and she has been so supportive and excited for everyone else along the way.  Finally it is her turn to be showered with love and congratulations and she deserves a lot of it!  She's such a selfless friend who is always willing to help out when needed or plan a party to celebrate something big.  She's a true friend!

Congratulations Jenny and Michael, we are so happy for the two of you and can't wait to be there along your journey!  Yay for a destination wedding come January!

Jenny's birthday is also this Sunday! Happy Birthday JenBen, I love you!


Overwhelmed with Joy!

She finally has her own.  Nice work Michael!

Girlfriends--can't get much better than this!

Sally wanted to say a little something:


  1. What a beautiful post Jacks and what a fun night! Congrats Jenny and Miguel! We are so happy and excited for you!! Love!

  2. Oh Jacks....this got me teary. We are so lucky! Love to all of you ladies! Can't imagine life without you!