Monday, February 20, 2012

We grow 'em big

What can I say, I have big babies.  They come out three month olds...

We had Libby's 2 month check up on Friday.  She did great! {Much better than her sister ever did}  The Doctor didn't even bat an eye at her stats.  I guess I shouldn't either, her sister was pretty much excatly the same. {keeping in mind that she was a pound and a half less at birth}  Libby's proportional, so it looks totally normal, she just doesn't look like a 2 month old :)

Weight: 13lbs 2 oz - 95%
Length: 23inches - 74%
Head: 40 1/4 cm - 84%

She's a happy healthy girl and that's all that matters.  We love her so, especially her belly laughs that she's learning how to do!

I can't look at this next picture without cracking up.  It's a long story about why she has the bunny ears, but she had us laughing so hard, in the car.  As she was putting the ears on backwards, squishing her cheeks and giggling "I'm a bear?" "Nooooooooo, I'm a kitty." She kept going and going, but at times couldn't talk because she {and Reid and I} were laughing so hard.  It looks like she has a fat suit on...

Oh our little peanuts, or lack thereof :)

We enjoyed our weekend.  How about you? 

Reid and Sally got outside quite a bit to play.  Libby and I joined in for a walk.  I got butterflies in my stomach thinking about the nicer days to come, lots of walks and trips up to the park with my two girls.  Every year we surive the long winter days, and every spring I wonder how we do it.  This winter has been weird, but we've still been stuck indoors for the most part. Looking forward to the warmer weather!

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