Wednesday, February 8, 2012


My heart has been exploding these past few days.  I feel like everything is starting to settle down and everything is falling into place quite nicely. I can't get enough of my girls. {I sure would like a lot more of my husband, as he's been so busy with school and work, but that too shall pass...}

There's this one

who is becoming more and more independent each day, but still loves her Mama so.  My sister said something the other day that I find to be quite true.  Behavior, good and bad, doesn't really go every other year, it is more on a six month cycle.  I feel like we just conquered the naughty and exhausting 6 months and are entering into 6 months of pure bliss.  OK, let's be serious, not pure bliss, but a much better 6 months. 

She knows her limits and isn't choosing to push much.  She'd rather play and have a good time, as opposed to sitting in time outs or not being able to play with her favorite toys. She's realizing that her Mom and Dad really are the boss and really will take away Belle.  She loves her sister, more than I expected her to. She's my Sally and I love her so!

Did I tell you we registered her for pre-school next year? Wasn't she just learning to walk?

And then there's this one

My sweet little Libby.  She's starting to figure things out too!  She's becoming more content and not always needing to be held when she's awake, she's learning how to go to the bathroom when she needs to {her sister had a problem with this when she was an infant too}, she's learning how to sooth herself to sleep and most importantly she knows how to melt her Mama's heart. 

Oh those sweet sweet innocent smiles.  My favorite is in the middle of the night {more so early morning as she's sleeping so great}, right after I nurse her and I put her on my shoulder to burp her before I lay her back down, I put my face near hers and she nuzzles her way into my neck. Her warm, sweet breath on my neck and then she gives a little giggle and a smile, all the while still sleeping, as if to say, "Yes Mom, I love you too."  I can't stop staring and this little baby, this little girl that is mine.  This little being that was kicking and growing inside me only eight weeks ago.  Libby, the sister Sally always knew she wanted.  Libby the newest addition to our little family.  Libby, the piece we didn't know was missing, but now could not imagine life with out.

My girls, my purpose.

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