Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Happy Ash Wednesday

You can about imagine how thrilled Sally was to go to Ash Wednesday Mass and get "blessed" on her forehead.  Once we made it back to our pew she kept whispering "Hey mom, She got blessed too.  Hey, he did too! So did she!"  As soon as we got home, she quickly took her shoes off and ran into the bathroom to look in the mirror so she could see her ashes.

Big thank you to Uncle Joey for filling in for daddy while he's out of town.  Libby sure enjoyed snuggling with him.

The other night Reid was being silly and he put Sally's towel on.  Sally took one look and said, "Hey, does Mary wear that?" Yes, the Virgin Mary, Mother of God...only Sally would see that.  There isn't a Saint Sally, but maybe she'll be the one!

Thank you Auntie Jenny for my cute outfit!

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