Thursday, February 16, 2012

Two Months

Little Sister is two months today! She's doing wonderfully!

*She's finally taking the bottle {after experimenting with different nipples, the Nuk brand finally worked}, so her Mama can have some freedom in the evenings!

*She's getting better at holding her head up and keeping it steady

*She is becoming a better napper during the day, which makes for a much smoother day.  She usually naps for 2-4 hours, is up for an hour and a half to eat and play and then goes back down.  She's usually down for the night around 9:30-10 and will sleep until 3:30-4am then up every 3 hours until 9am

*She loves... to smile, to face outward and be sitting up so she can see what's going on, her big sister, soft blankets by her face, to suck on her hand to soothe herself back to sleep, her daddy's voice, music, shadows, sleeping on her tummy, rock-the faster the better, baths, laying on her changing table, her mama's milk

*Does not like riding in the car {just like her big sister}, when her mommy is yelling at her big sister, to be cold, to get dressed, the anticipation of a burp, to be left alone and awake-unless on her changing table

*She's a messy eater, often has milk running down her cheek

We have her two month check up tomorrow afternoon so I'll have her stats on Monday, if I remember :)

We were trying to show how well she does tummy time, but she didn't want to cooperate

She's big, but still able to fit into her "going home outfit" although, it is a 3 month outfit :)

Hey Everyone!

I think she looks like Minnie Mouse here

Love the crooked grin

Happy 2 months, sweet Baby Girl, we love you lots and lots!

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