Friday, December 30, 2011

Two Weeks and Sally the Photographer

Two weeks already?  How come 2 weeks at the end of the pregnancy seems like it takes a month, but two weeks with a newborn seems like 2 hours.  We continue to fall in love with Miss Libby more and more every day.  I remember someone telling me once that they were worried about their love splitting when their second child was born, but they were surprised to realize that it doesn't split, it doubles.  Boy is this ever true.  Love is overflowing at this house!

She's got a tight hold on his heart already
As you have seen and heard in many videos Sally is always wanting to get her hands on a camera and take pictures.  The other day Reid remembered he had an old camera that doesn't zoom and you can't review the picture.  We put in some batteries, an old memory card and Sally was a happy camper.  Don't mind the snorts in the background, she was pretty entertaining when she first started shooting.  It is also pretty entertaining to check out the pictures that she has taken...

Happy New Year, those of you that know me well, know how excited I am to be back to an even year :)

Bring on 2012!

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