Monday, December 5, 2011

Holidazzle 2011

We had a really great family weekend! 

Friday after nap, Sally and I headed downtown to meet Daddy! 

Daddy and Sally checking out the big tree outside of Daddy's work.  As well as a ride on the "alligator" {escalator}.

We went to Macy's 8th Floor Display, "A Day in the Life of An Elf." {I remember this being so much bigger and longer, or was that just because I was younger and it was more magical??}  It was great not having to wait in any lines and walk right through.  We opted out of seeing Santa as we knew we were going to visit with the Big Guy on Saturday at our Church.

shhhh Elves are sleeping


Santa's Workshop
We then went to dinner.  I can't believe how grown up Sally is becoming.  Able to sit in a regular chair at a restaurant and use her manners.  She even uses public restrooms now...HUGE success!  After dinner we bundled up and waited in our usual spot for the parade to start!

Do you think her thumb made it in the correct spot of her mitten? :)

"Enough pictures, already, can we see the parade?"

Sally's cheesy smile of "showing her teeth"

The train with the zoo animals was a big hit

Too much to look at to smile AND look at the camera

Snuggle Bunnies

Silly faces in between floats

Craigmile, family of three, for a few more days

Can you guess who she spotted? Ho Ho Ho!

Since it is a tradition for us to go to the parade each Christmas Season, I wanted to compare back to last year's visit, check out the pictures HERE 

Pictures from Sally's first Holidazzle, click HERE

More to come this week on meeting Santa, getting our Christmas Tree and playing in the snow!

**Baby C-Mile, we're ready when you're ready! xo

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  1. Jackie - you are seriously glowing! You look so cute pregnant! You should keep having babies! I love your hair curly like that too. We are going to holidazzle tomorrow - Thurs. Brrrrr! I can't wait to hear what you are having!!!!!