Thursday, December 8, 2011


Friendship can come in many different shapes and sizes.  We've got a lot of it in our neck of the woods.  Last weekend during our beautiful snowfall, our fabulous neighbor, Delores, took Sally for a sleigh ride!

Delores has been a blessing during this pregnancy as she will often take Sally when I go to my midwife appointments which are weekly now.  She is also one of our persons "on call" in case I happen to go into labor anytime soon.  Our other lovely neighbors, the Lindbergs, are just as willing to be "on call" and watch Sally during our appointments.  Like I said, lots of friendship in our neck of the woods.  We're blessed!

"Friends are God's way of taking care of us"

I am lucky to be able to have a girls night almost once a month.  Lots of wine, laughter and chatting go on at these.  Being a stay-at-home-mama, I very much look forward to these nights!

I had one to attend on Tuesday of this week.  I kept asking Liz, who was hosting, what I could bring to help, but it was always nothing, I've got it.  I was a little upset to come to find out as we got there that everyone else had brought something to share, I hate feeling like a slacker.  Well, little did I know, they were surprising me with a baby shower! I was so humbled by their love and generosity. 

A while back they had asked if I was having any showers and I said, no, you don't really have any baby showers after the first baby.  Apparently they weren't okay with that answer. 

**Blessed** {Meggers, we'll have to photoshop you in!}

Thank you ladies for loving me and my children so much! I cherish and am so thankful for each and every one of you!  My kids are so lucky to have so many extra "Aunties!"

**Happy Feast of the Immaculate Conception**  Here's a link to my most favorite Christmas Song! click HERE

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  1. So lucky to have such good friends like you! You deserved a little pampering! :) Come on baby....