Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Saint Nicholas

Today is Saint Nicholas Day.  One of my favorite traditions growing up was setting our shoes out the night before, in hopes that St. Nick would leave us treats in our shoes.  Don't know that story?  Google it :)  My mom continued on with this tradition even when we went away to college, and married.  She would send us packages in the mail.

Last night we told Sally all about Saint Nicholas and she remembered to set her shoes out before she went to bed.  She was very excited to find this morning, that St. Nick had visited her house!

If only it could always stay this easy to please, a Santa PEZ dispenser
Saint Nick even surprised Daddy!

Keeping with the Saint Nick theme, Sally sat on Santa's lap this weekend.  We weren't quite sure how she would respond.  Her first visit she was all smiles, last year we had the classic screaming her head off, this year, well, she surprised us!

Don't mind the "bowl full of Jelly" in the background.  Focus on the cute little girl who can't wait to sit on Santa's lap!  Thank you to our neighbors for the adorable hand-me-down Santa dress!
Mommy was going to ease her in and Daddy was in charge of the camera.  Except, Sally didn't need anyone to "ease" her in.  When it was her turn, she let go of my hand, walked up to Santa all by herself and gently got on his lap.  She told him she had been a good girl, asked if he would please bring her a Big Belle Doll and if she may touch his beard.  She said Thank you Very Much, Merry Christmas, and that was that!

Love her sweet innocent face in this picture

Reid and I still can't believe that's what happened.  She wouldn't even so much as touch Cat In The Hat when we went to see him.  Just when we think we've got her all figured out, she goes and throws us a curve ball.  Our little sensitive Sally is becoming a little more brave.  She's getting ready to take on the roll as the protective Big Sister!

Proud of herself for talking with Santa

Here's the Cheesy Grin again

"Show me your teeth"

Pretty sure she was the cutest little girl there!

Here's the picture our volunteer at the church took.  Sally decorated her frame!

So fun celebrating Christmas through a sweet innocent child's eyes!

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  1. 1 - That is the most adorable dress ever!
    2 - I can't believe how brave Sally was with Santa.
    3 - Your bowl full of jelly is ginormous (i say that in the most complementing tone). You are all belly! Come out, come out baby boy. Although now I am kind of thinking girl. ha.