Sunday, February 5, 2017

We Made It through the Week

My Big Check off before 4.0 arrives was to make it through Catholic Schools Week.  I wanted to be able to make sure the girls could enjoy the dress up days without putting that stress on whoever was filling in.

Another check off, but understood if we didn't make it was Saturday night, Trivia Night.  A memorable school fundraiser.  Each team has a table of 5 couples and you come up with a Theme for you table.  It's a carefree, lots of laughter evening, where memories are created and money is raised for our great school.  We're so glad we were able to  make it, it didn't disappoint!

Here are the pics from this week:

My Favorite part about Catholic Schools week is Dads at the Door.  Such a powerful statement.  They line up and high five the students as they enter the school and then when the bell rings for school to start, they gather, kneel and pray.  Last year I didn't get to see it in person.  This year, it fell on a Wednesday and I drive the girls to school on these days because Libby has school, so I got to see it first hand.  So awesome!  Love our community!

 I wanted to document that I was able to fit in my regular winter jacket and zip it up, all the way until the end.  Not that it was needed much as I'm always hot and prefer a vest, but I wanted the memory :) Photo cred was either Sally or Libby, they each got a turn, and I'm not sure which one took this specific one
 Thursday was professional/career day, Sally wants to be a farmer, so a farmer she dressed like :)
 Working on her left handed dribble.  Another fun year of basketball, with super awesome teammates and coaches!
 Snap chat sillies

Friday was wacky day, the most memorable day for the kiddos.  Libby had school this day too, so she got to participate.  This makes me excited for Libby and Sally to begin their school adventures together :)

 Emma and I were on our way home from a car wash and spotted an Eagle in our Enchanted Forest.  The rest of our crew was pretty excited too!
 Basketball Pictures were Saturday morning, a sneak peek

 I was excited to make it to Saturday afternoon when I knew we'd make it to trivia night.  We even treated ourselves to Saturday night Mass, just the two of us.

Our team decided on Snow White and the 7 dwarfs and the evil queen.  It just so happened to also be the anniversary of the airing of the movie!
 Happy the Dwarf
 Our Awesome Team!  Anna (Dopey, in the green shirt and purple hat, did an awesome job on the dwarf costumes...thank you!!)
 Snow White and the Queen, on point :)
 So many giggles!
 It's also our Frienversary as we met many of our close friends at Trivia Night last year.  Reid and Ryan celebrating their broversary, two peas in a pod!
 Dopey, Happy and Evil Queen
 Sneezy and Happy
 Love her!
 These two did a great job putting on this whole event!!! Thank you for your hard work it was a super successful night!
 Sunday morning we did a test run to the closer hospital, just in case.  We also headed to the local grocery store to pick up alllllllll the pregnancy cravings for their pregnant wife and mama...fresh pineapple, ingredients for sausage egg bake, chip dip and spicy California roll (don't worry, it's cooked!)
 She knows how to crush a donut

After naps we headed out to get some vitamin D and go for walk through our beloved enchanted forest and pond!

Soon there will be 4!!!
 The Craigmile Crew!
 Come baby come baby baby come come...we're ready when you're ready! Cannot wait to meeeeeeeeeeeeeet you!!

 Chasing sisters
Happy Super Bowl Sunday!!

I'll keep you posted on baby news, we're still pretty patient.  Once baby arrives, I'm not sure how quickly I'll be back on the blog, but you can be sure I'll be all over Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat.  It might not be immediate as we're going to try our best to soak in the days the quickly passing of time from newborn to infant to toddler :)


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