Wednesday, February 1, 2017

I'm Back!!

Did you miss me?  I missed being organized with my pictures!!

Thank goodness for a Best Buy Connection ;)

I have my regular computer back and running! Phew!

Just in time before the Baby arrives!

Lots to update, so I'll work backward.

On Monday I turned 33!  It could have been a big fat flop of a birthday.  You know, 33, wah wah, 9 (10!) months pregnant, wah wah, and it falling on a Monday, wah wah.  But it turned out to be just perfect!!

I don't ever need a big ordeal.  It's all about the little things.  Reid made sure to do just that.  He woke up a little extra to hang the birthday banner, blow up some balloons and set out the birthday mug.  He prepped the girls to decorate the white board and have their homemade cards ready.

Everyone cooperated with the morning routine.  After school drop off, Emma and I went to pick up my free Birthday Bou and head home to just hang out and play for a little bit.  She wanted to brush and do my hair and style us with headbands.

Then we met up with Kari and her girls for lunch at my favorite, Brueggers, where Kari had already ordered my favorite bagel sandwich and sparkling tea!  We allowed extra time to just sit and chat, control Emma, and take kiddos to the bathroom, it was perfect.


 It's quite entertaining when we hug and our baby bellies bump in to each other.  Love LOVE doing this stage of life, side by side! Soon there will be SEVEN children between the two of us!
 Love this giant Mug she got for me.  Will come in handy with my lack of sleep in my very near future

We picked Libby up from school.  She and Emma took wonderful naps while I caught up on all of the wonderful messages, text and phone calls!

A small interruption with a BEAUTIFUL surprise!! Fresh flowers delivered to my house!

Sisters, they just know...especially when she's the master of having been pregnant 4 times!

 Of course, I cried.  And they're my favorite!!

and then Sally came home and we all hung out and played until  Daddy came home from working after making pit stops to pick up my favorites, Buffalo Wild Wings and Cold Stone!!

We opened presents, blew out candles, looked at my baby book and had a family dance party.  Exactly as I could have hoped for.  Magical memories stored away!

A peek in to the dance party...[VIDEO]

Full full heart!! Emma's selfie stick skills are pretty awesome!

I got to continue the celebration with meeting Natalie and Anna for some girl pampering time, manis & pedis with some Cherry Berry for dessert! Thank you ladies, you're such a blessing in my life.  So great to sit, relax and chat!

**39 weeeeeeeeeeeeeeks today!  We made it to February!!! Yippy!  I'll leave the Baby Pool open for one more day, link on the side of the blog (non mobile version).  Or click HERE (game name is Cmile4.0  no spaces)

Baby could come any minute, hour, day or another week.  We're being patient!  Love the non-rush this time of year offers.  I think I might also not be in a rush because I'm a little bit sad too.  Love the miracle and blessings of growing a baby and the excitement of delivery!!

Come whenever you're ready 4.0, we are so excited to meet you!!!  Please allow us time to get to the hospital, we would really appreciate that, especially your Daddy!

Happy February! Happy Baby Month! Happy Love Month! Happy Everything!

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