Thursday, February 2, 2017

Catching up!

Sooooooooooo way back from the middle of January

36 weeks...we've done a lot of growing since then :)  Reid asked me last night, deep down, what do you think baby is?  I think naturally I expect it to be a girl, I don't know any different.  So if I, he, we announce boy, I think it'll be a big surprise.  Can a pregnancy carrying a girl really be THAT different than a pregnancy carrying a boy?? I guess we'll find out soon enough :)

One day after one of our prenatal appointments I decided to stop with the rush rush and the errands and just slow down and let Emma take the lead.  We explored the Mall, I let her walk, we got a pretzel and had lots and lots of giggles

 One day during indoor recess Sally and her bestie Anna designed their 1st Communion Dresses :)
 These two sharing a room has become a really special thing.  The way they play and care for one another is fantastic.  Less fighting than we've ever had.  The sleep and wake and anything in between is kind of perfect.  They're such good rule followers! Love them!
 and then I find sweet things like this hanging on their "gallery walls"

 Hearts on hearts on hearts
 I chopped Emma's hair again.  I'm always nervous when I do it and I think I'll regret it and then each day after I love it more and more.  It just goes with her spunk.  And oh what spunk she has.  I think when last updated on the blog her bed transition was going well.  NOPE notta, she went back in a pack n play for a week because Mama just couldn't...that's so not me either.  I'm an all or nothing with transitions.  But now, we're back and we're getting back in a groove.  It takes her 14 hundred years to make it through her particular routine and doing it ALL BY HERSELF, but eventually we get there and she does do very well.  The longer we keep going the easier it'll be.

We did put a child lock on the inside, she can eventually figure it out.  And then we switched the handle so we could lock it from the outside.  Making sure, of course, that all furniture in her room is anchored to the wall and the video monitor works, so we can keep her in check.  We're not really having to  use any of these resources anymore and the newness of it all is wearing out...I hope.  We're getting successful naps and bedtime, hopefully it's here to stay!

 Libby had a fun Family Night at her pre-school.  They got to make Penguins and snow!
 One Sunday after Mass and donuts we rounded up our crew and friends and went skating.  It turned out to be a beautiful day and a lot of fun!  I think Emma is ready for her own pair of skates!

Sally and her gal pals
 I miss my afternoon chats with my friends at the park.  Alisha got us together to go out for a few hours to catch up and reconnect before baby arrives.  So very thankful for these neighbors that have turned friends!!  They're on-call and ready to dive in to help if we go in to labor quickly!
 We had some HEAT WAVE (upper 30s) weather and we brought the grill out a few times, yum!
 This was MLK Jr. Day, the girls were off of school and Sally was teaching us about him and his importance.  Try not to be distracted by the "gallery wall"  We have since scaled it down to a string with cloths pins where they can hang 5 items and swap them out as they would like.  I have to pick my battles with their room, as many items bring great joy and hours of play...notice the giant cardboard box...
 Including Emma on one of their games and it was the cutest thing ever and Emma was so proud!
 Sisterfriend and I made a date night to catch up before life gets crazy.  2nd time around we're 10 weeks apart.  Love this lady so very much! So excited for our summer days!!  Reid was not entertained this night, as it was one of the nights the streets were covered with glare ice...he always worries about me falling...
 Our Tuesday morning notes to Sally...Libby wanted to write her own :)
 Mama snuck away for a chopping of the hair and a highlight (haven't colored in a long while) mmmmmmmm love the fresh cut!!  Who knows when I'll be able to make it back?!
Nice afternoons to play outside and catch up with neighbors!
 C-Mile Sisters
 Kaaaaaaaaaaaari finished our sign and I'm in LOVE!!

Mom's new highlights were a little too bright so we headed in one morning to get them toned down.  I let the girls play with old phones...just to make sure they didn't disrupt the other clients.  They hardly ever get screen time, so they thought it was the greatest thing!

 and then it happened.  I got the stomach flu at 37 weeks pregnant.  It was terrible.  I was so worried about it putting me in to labor and terrified if it did that I wouldn't have enough strength to make it through.  But make it through I did.  Reid also had a retreat at church that day, so he came and went.  I especially told him to go in the afternoon when Sally was playing at a friends house (THANK YOU BUELOW!!) and Emma and Libby were sleeping.  Once nap time was over there was an hour and a half until the retreat was over.  I told Reid I was good, as long as Libby could help Emma out of the pack n play and bring down a diaper.

The joys and blessings in the middle of the suffering.

 and then I thought we were good because everyone but me had gotten the stomach flu one way or another over Christmas and New Year's.  BUUUUUUUUT then Reid woke up 3 days later throwing up. GAHHHHHHHHHHHH  But, we survived that too.  I'm still holding my breath waiting for it to hit again...

My sister assured me that she was once in this stage of life too.  The stomach flu going through the house twice, sometimes three times.  That's what happens when you have two in school, different classroom and different germs.  But the biggest "problem" is the toddler still in diapers.  The transfer through dirty diapers is the surest way to pick something up.  No matter how well you wash your hands...

So we'll take it day by day and do the best we can :)

Libby thought it was so funny, one night I beat her 44 to 4 ;)
 I had a girls night and Reid had a late work meeting so we had a sitter here for a few hours.  I got home to this sweet little note
 slowing down and taking time to just snuggle on the couch
 Uncle Joey had his annual Pond Hockey tournament last weekend.  Emma and I were able to make it out Friday morning to catch his first game.  It was a lot of fun, and I wish I could have made it for the rest of the weekend, but it was too much hustle and bustle and was just easier for Emma and I to stay home.  Especially since the majority of the games were during Emma's nap time.  Reid and the Bigs were able to see them get 2nd place!! A great feat with 120 teams in their division!!
 Saturday night after Emma's nap and the other half finishing up the hockey games, we met at our old stomping grounds, Park Tav for a fun dinner out.  It was fun to have it be just the 5 of us, although we probably could have added a handful more tables to catch up with old friends from the area!
 Supporting Joe Joe!
 Daddy's sport watching Buddy
 They had a blast cheering and playing with their cousins
 and I did still get to watch and cheer via video chat!! Thank you, technology!!

 Uncle Brian giving us the play by play

 I think that's all I've got for now!  Here's a gem Sally created the other day...our shouting house :)

Off to help the Hubs organize and file our taxes!

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