Friday, February 10, 2017

Still Cookin'

We're still leggo my preggo.  I love the line from my friend Alisha, "Your womb is comparable to the FOUR SEASONS.  No one ever wants to leave"

Apparently 4.0 wants to make a name for him/herself already....nobody puts baby in a corner.

You do you, 4.0, we're excited to meet you when you're ready.

I'm mostly pretty patient :)  My blood pressure is starting to creep up (which also happened at the end of my pregnancy with Emma).  They did find a trace of protein in my urine on Wednesday, so I had to go in this morning to check in on my blood pressure.  Luckily for me, they didn't tell me if the blood pressure was high again, or higher, they would likely have had to induce.  It was a little lower, phew!! Thank you to the Mister, for being in charge of school drop off today, and keeping 2Y in helping to keep my numbers low.

Sooooooo, we're currently 40 weeks and a day (we were a few days early with Sally, 1 day early with Libby and a day late with Emma).  Measuring 42 weeks (will I get my 10 pounder?!), 70% effaced and dilated to a 5.  Tonight there is a full moon, some sort of lunar eclipse and a comet spotting?  Maybe all of that will work it's magic :)  Or it wants to be born on Uncle Marc's birthday (tomorrow), or Uncle Joey's birthday (Sunday).

If nothing else, I get to take my mind off of it for a little bit and sneak away to a movie with my mom and sister.  The sister can relate, she was a week overdue with her 4th, even went INTO FULL LABOR, it stopped and they sent her home and she didn't have Mr. Bobby for 5 more days.

Prayers are appreciated that when labor starts, I will know for sure so that we can get to the hospital asap to avoid a delivery in the car :)

As always, we'll keep you posted!

This is how our Monday started...

 Don't you love those gratifying mom moments when the natural consequence proves you've been right all along?

Every morning I tell Sally to clear her things one at a time.  "It's fine mom, I've got it."

"Sally, it only takes once."

She found her once...

Emma and I had some time to kill after a chiropractor appointment and picking up Libby, so we surprised Sally and ate lunch with her!

They call this the cupcake...Emma's the sprinkles

 The other morning I opted for a low-key morning with 2 of my girls.

We went to Target where I let them walk and help with the self check out.
We baked homemade chocolate chip cookies
Danced to Princess Music on Pandora
Made their favorite "Big Noodles" for lunch
topped off with some fresh pineapple

Taking mental notes of these kind of days with LJ as the days are limited before Kindergarten in the Fall :(
 Libby's special note in Daddy's lunch
 The Eagle obsession is back.  The MN one has 3 eggs, this one is from Florida, and the egg already hatched.  Emma's pretty funny with how much she loves watching and pretending she's one of them :)

Tidal Wave [VIDEO]
Are you sleeping Are you Sleeping, Brother John...[VIDEO]

Enjoy the sunshine, heat wave and weekend!  Hopefully I'll be back with some baby news!


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  1. Thinking and praying for you and baby!! Blessings momma!