Thursday, May 10, 2012

Turning Three

Sally had a great birthday! She is so blessed with great friends and family who called her to wish her a happy birthday, making her feel that much more special.

Daddy was out of town, so we get to continue the celebrations into tonight!! We had strict rules from Daddy that she couldn't open presents {from us} or have birthday cake until he came home...he didn't say anything about cupcakes :)

If you know me, you know I love to make a big deal about birthdays.  Not a big huge party, but fun little things throughout the day to make it different than an ordinary day, so we did just that.

Breakfast banana cupcake treat! Thanks Kari for the recipe...note to self don't try and make frosting be fat free...

Thank you Grandma and George for my Belle dress! I love technology, Grandma was able to Tango {skype} in and watch her open it!

Birthday Princess

Little Sister waiting to surprise Big Sister with her present!

You heard from the interview, all she wanted for her birthday was Minnie and she got it {after we got the OK from Daddy that she could open Libby's present without him}

I let her direct our play for the day, we had special time, just the two of us while Libby napped

Her one request was to go show Mickey her beautiful dress...a riding toy at a strip mall a few miles from our house

Easy to please!

We happen to pass a balloon store on our way home.  To my surprise she picked Ariel, not Belle or Minnie

A last minute pizza party with just the girls! Thank you Lindbergs and Christensens for making Sally feel so special!!

Singing Happy the innocence!  "Are we going to sing it to ME?!"

Blowing out the candle...Hello Miss Izzy, taking a peek at me :)

The Birthday Girl, my girl, the one who has changed my heart forever. I love you Sweet Sally Ann!!

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  1. hi sally its hannah. g pa is with me. All week in kansas! love hannah