Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A few of her favorites

We had a spectacular weekend! It was nice to have an extra day with Daddy too! {he took Friday off} I kind of let everything go this weekend so we could just have fun and play...I'm making up for it {or should be}, hence lazy blog posts. I'll let the pictures speak for me :)

Chef Princess Sally, all in one :)

Princess Chutes and Ladders

Learning how to ride her bike!

Teaching her the importance of writing 'Thank Yous'

Family dinner...someone started some cereal just at dinner time-yum yum

Loves to eat outside

Playing soccer with Daddy

Early morning walk to Caribou-BOGO {Libbers was already inside sleeping}

McDonald's just happens to be on the way to Caribou

The joys of friends that live so close...lazy day, still in pjs

Three year olds!

Enjoying the beautiful day!
If we didn't have the four seasons, would we appreciate the nice weather as much as we do? I think I ask myself that every May.

Regardless, have a lovely day! I'll be celebrating with a girls night tonight ;-)

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