Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Reid's Phone

Reid and Sally met Friend Lucy, Brad and Grandma Shirley at the movie "Up"...while Mommy and Libby stayed home to hear lightening touch down in the neighbor's front yard!!

Sally thought this was Taylor Swift...

She was all excited to go down the escalator after the movie.  Of course, Daddy taught her how to do it without hanging on...too many germs!!

ICE COLD water!

"We all fall down!"

Helping Daddy wash his car!

Libbers doesn't know what she's missing while she crushes naps :)

Early morning donut run with Daddy!

BOGO Caribou run...Sally was picking out princess cards

Our Little Ray of Sunshine!
 Reid's cousin Thomas stopped by on his way out of town.  He was playing catch with Sally when Sally hit him where it counts with a tennis ball.

Tom: "I better learn how to catch"
Sally: "Yeah, you better catch better next time!"


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