Monday, May 28, 2012

My Phone

I'm too lazy to sort through and come up with creative ways to group the pictures from our great weekend.  So, today's pictures will come from my phone, tomorrow will be Reid's phone and the next will be our actual camera :)


Sunday was hot Hot HOT, so we took out the pool!

The Christensen's came over for lunch and to play in the water! Only a few days until this will be a regular occurrence!

My Little Pumpkin Pie getting some much needed shade

Kyle and Laura joined us and brought over their slip n slide! We made great use of the hill in our backyard!

Click HERE to check out videos on my YouTube channel of everyone having their turn going down!

We were surprised with how nice today ended up being. After naps we headed up to our local Splash Pad.  Sally is in the blue tu-tu suit

This is Sally's third year enjoying the splash pad.  Was fun to think back of how much she has changed since her first and even second years here!
Hope you enjoyed your long weekend as much as we did.  More pictures to come tomorrow!

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