Thursday, January 12, 2012


"Hey Mom, Belle's hungry, it's time to feed Belle"

Sally comes running in from the other room.  "Do you hear it?! Do you hear the bird in my nose?!!!" {You know what she's talking about, the high pitched noise that is there sometimes when you breath in through your nose}

Sitting on the couch talking, while I feed Libby.  "Memeber, when I was little and you use to feed  me like that?  and and and member when you used to burp me too?  When I'm bigger and I'm a mom I can have coffee! {she always wants to try it, but we tell her it's only for Mommys and Daddys} But but right now, I'm just Sally, the only me in the whole world and you love me so so much!"

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  1. Hi, kids. Great grandma and Russ are in loving the photos. Up in the north country for a funeral and a visit. Stay warm!