Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Mason's 5 months!

Mason turned 5 months on July 12th.  When we were in Walker.  I took his monthly picture before we left, so not to miss it.

We are so thankful to have survived his 4 month sleep regression.  When you have a perfect baby, any little hiccup is magnified! 

He doesn't really even have "outtakes" of his monthly photo shoot, that's how perfectly perfect he is!

He developed a LOVE for the nuk, and we're pretty excited about that.  We never wanted a thumb sucker and it's nice to have something to help sooth or shush him in public (aka his scream talking at church)

 We discovered he's not a super fan of the pack n play.  He likes the play part of it's name.  While on vaca whenever he seemed to roll he woke up and thought it was party time.  Made for a tired mama.  Of course, he was happy all the other times and when he woke, just didn't allow his mama much shut eye.

He still rolls like a machine, both directions.  He can find, grab and bring a toy to his mouth.  I think he has switched hands as well.  He's starting to respond to his name and he has a want to be sitting up, but he's still a little top heavy
 He started food! Just the blah cereal and we just started in the evening, but have recently added breakfast.  He's tried, peas (so so), apples (too bitter) and bananas (meh) but he prefers the bland.  It's still early yet



 He sure loves his sisters and his mom and dad.  He lights up in a different way for each member.  He's quite the chatterbox at all times of the day.  Crushes naps and now, mostly bedtime, hopefully even better now with some consistency of sleeping in his own bed.  He giggles when he hears the sound machine go on
He's just a little love bug and we cannot get enough of him!  We brought out his big boy toys like his exersaucer, walker and stand up and play table, not rushing him, just want to give him options to explore and whatever it takes to help mama survive the dinner prep/crazy witching hour while we anticipate Daddy's arrival home from work.

My mom was in town and asked for the kiddos to get together for a dinner.  We met at Surly, super cool place with delicious food.  We got a gorgeous night outside too.

Excited for Joe Joe as he and Emily closed on their house earlier this week! Yay!

 Catching the sun setting in between buildings during our dinner
 These two, they love to live up the sister game.  They're mostly "on" and it's fun to watch.  We've so enjoyed our low key summer, with very little hustle and bustle.  Soon enough we'll be joining that crowd. For now, we're home bodies, allowing nap times and imaginations to soar!
 This spunk holds her own, that's for sure!  Miss Emma Jean, saying "she's so cold, I need to go get my "best."  Mind you it was upper 80s and full humidity/high dew point.

 So much entertainment from this one each and every day.  We'll have some fun times this year with she and Mason!
 The Joergers stopped by on their way out of town! Fun to catch up for a little bit!

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