Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Vacation Bible School

Libby was so excited that she got to be a part of VBS this year! So nice being able to have siblings do things together.  How did I have no problem with Sally always going about things on her own? Thank goodness for her willingness to do so!

 Proud of helping getting breakfast set out and stacking it all together :) She's a morning person like her Mama
 "Mom, can we go say Hi to Mary?!" Our beautiful Mary Garden at church
 Love that we get to see pictures of what they do during VBS!

 Mr. Mason, never lacking in being showered with love and attention
 What it's like getting ready in the morning with 4 kiddos :)
 We got to meet up with the Lindberg ladies when they were in town.  We met for a picnic lunch at the park after VBS one day.  Friends since they were 3 months old!

 6 girls and a boy!
 Always so great to catch up with Mary! So glad we took advantage of our time when we were blocks away from each other.  Can spend hours talking about life with you!
 Some baby pictures of Reid to show how IDENTICAL he and Mason are!!
 Beautiful Summer night for T-ball, Libby was playing 1st base
 Hi Mom!
 My early risers sharing a book
 Lots of drool and silly faces these days
 Morning snuggles again!
 Crinkle noise, one of my faves!
 I think this is from quite a while back, but still a gem!
 Mister Brecken was rocking the lemonade stand one day after naps. Fancy glasses as all!
 Friday ice cream dessert.  Some day soon Mason will be joining in. Until then, we'll enjoy the 6ish bedtime
 ooooooof.  We're hitting that point of the summer where the days are getting longer and we're itching for that predictable schedule.  This will likely be the summer that will be remembered as demanding the most of me.  I'm sure I'll miss this crazy stage of motherhood in no time.  Trying to savor it and keep the perspective positive.  So we turned on the Divine Mercy Chaplet and whipped up some Banana bread.  Can't believe in a few weeks I'll lose half my crew to school alllllllll day errrrrrrrr day!

Happy August! Slowly but surely I'm catching up on the pics!

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